Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring in Brooklyn

70 degrees!! Zoe and I wandered the Promenade this morning (where above photo of the Brooklyn Bridge was taken) and I wish there was some way I could send you the smells and the sounds and the full 360 panorama!  

In NH we don't usually see this wonderful sight until late April!

This is the very southern tip of Manhattan, where the island meets the harbor. The tall building with the two cranes is The Freedom Tower at Ground Zero. When we arrived last year, you couldn't see it from here. Check out the yellow water taxi.

I have to admit that the following pictures weren't taken today, but one morning last week. I woke to find this magnificent ship sitting quietly in the middle of the harbor. Of course I ran for the binoculars and it was quickly clear that this was no ordinary ship. This was a Mickey Mouse ship! This is Disney's newest cruise ship, Fantasy, on her maiden voyage from the shipyard in Germany where she was built. Since this was her first U.S. stop, I assume she was hanging around in the harbor until the welcoming committee was ready at her berth on the Hudson. This magnificent ship almost made me want to take another cruise.   Almost...

Just hanging around... The orange boat is the Staten Island Ferry

Under way

Happy Spring!!

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