Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ta Da & WOO HOO!!!

After I announced last fall that I was planning on self-publishing, I was frequently asked, "So what's going on with the book?"  I would immediately launch into a more-than-you-ever-wanted-to-know commentary on editing, rereading, copy-editing, rereading, photos, cover design, rereading, yada, yada, yada, yawn. Slowly but surely the question stopped being asked. My little book appeared to be rapidly morphing into "The Never Ending Story, Part Deux".

Well folks, the story has ended and... Wait for it... THE BOOK IS DONE!!!!

Funny, now that it's finally done, I'm feeling a bit awkward about putting it "out there".  While I pushed and promoted the brownies at every conceivable opportunity, doing the same with the book leaves me feeling a little vulnerable. After all, this is/was my life, laid bare for all to see. But with a monumental milestone looming (the BIG 6-0 is next week...), I am pushing down the fear to take the leap one more time. 


Now available on Amazon!! The PIG & ME, written by Lindsay Frucci, cover and logo design by the graphic artist who has been there from the very beginning: Lee Morrill, and amazingly good photo of yours truly by my talented nephew Christopher Loren Ewers.

One final thought... Word of mouth is the only way anyone is ever going to know this story of mine exists. If you should buy the book and like it, would you please tell family and friends? Thanks.  :-)

WOO HOO!!!!!