Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five Days in Brooklyn

Yes, I know I've been gone a long time and I apologize. I'd love to tell you it's because I've been marketing the book with so much fervor that I've not had time to write. Alas, that's not the case. The New Hampshire summer was spectacular and we were lucky enough to be graced with friends rolling in and out of the house all summer long. Since I love to have company, it was wonderful, but also time consuming. 

So what of the last couple of months, you ask? Busted! I've been dragging my heels for no good reason on both the blog and the book. But all that has changed. We're back in Brooklyn and I am settling down with my computer on my lap to start tapping keys and stringing words together. 

I'm also starting a strong push to get the book out there. The response so far has been amazing and I am grateful to all who have read and shared it. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and I am thrilled to know that the "buzz network" has begun! I will do my best to keep the buzz going!

Okay - so much for the excuses... This first blog is a group of photos that I took when we were here in NY for a few days in September. These shots really tell the New York story - there is something interesting to see around every corner. 

Driving into the city we hit horrendous traffic and had to reroute onto the dreaded BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway). We were moving slowly enough that I ventured a shot out the window with my phone camera and, lo and behold! Look what I got! The tallest building is the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building is to it's right. I don't know what the one between them is. Met Life maybe? Anyone??

On our first day here, I met AJ at his office in Nolita and we walked through Soho on our way to lunch. These boys were sitting outside a hairdresser - the brown one staring intently through the window. When we walked back, almost an hour later, they were STILL THERE. The brown one still staring just as intently through the window. Lucky lady who gets to walk these boys at night - she can clearly be fearless since their devotion to her obviously matches their size.

The next day it rained and as I headed out the front door of our building, I realized I smelled smoke and that the cross street was full of fire engines.

It's supposed to be an empty building but apparently someone was inside

Bringing him out. The crowd cheered loudly! 
I heard someone behind me thank a firefighter for "what you do".  
Nice. Who says New Yorkers are cold?

Sunday was spectacular! We had friends in for the weekend and we took a long walk. These pictures are all from Brooklyn Bridge Park which runs from Brooklyn Heights, past the Brooklyn Bridge  to the Manhattan Bridge.

Not a clue...

Brooklyn Bridge. Great ice cream place right behind me.
Manhattan Bridge and the park

Manhattan Bridge
They have restored a magnificent carousel and placed it right along the East River as part of the park. It's in a closable plexiglass box to protect it from the elements and the salt from the brackish water in this part of the river. Next time I go down there, I'll get some close-ups of the horses. 

Only $2.00 a ride.  :-)

The next day, Zoe and I went for a long walk (another gorgeous day) and as we walked along the Brooklyn Promenade, I noticed these crocus-like flowers in a garden. Since it was September, I was stumped. Anyone??

We walked back through the park at Cadman Plaza and it was recess for one of the local schools. A hearty kick sent a soccer ball flying and these two guys, deep in conversation, walked over to retrieve it.

We passed through the Farmer's Market where I bought a couple of  gorgeous heirloom tomatoes for lunch (Salt, pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and a quick shave of aged parmesan. Amazing!). Zoe and I climbed the steps of Borough Hall to get the bigger picture.
You can just make out the spires of the Manhattan Bridge in the background.

Just before sundown, Paul and I went up on the roof for a glass of wine. This was our view...

East River. Manhattan Bridge on the left. Midtown Manhattan.

This is the financial district. 
The tall building with the cranes on top is the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero

As we got ready to head back to our apartment, Cunard's Queen Elizabeth was just cruising out of the harbor. The photo doesn't do it justice. It is HUGE (compare it to Liberty Island behind it). That little thing between it and Governor's Island is the Staten Island Ferry.

Five short days. Cool, huh?

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  1. The purple crocus-like flowers? Autumn Crocus! (Colchicum)