Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breakfast Babes

The heavy rain moved on during the night and left in its wake a perfect, late summer morning.  Against the baby-blue sky, puffy white clouds float by - somehow not blocking the sun as they pass.  The air is crisp and cleanStanding on the porch, I look across the dark blue lake at hills that stand in sharp relief against the sky.  Below them, the surface of the lake dances with sun diamonds. This could easily be a sit-on-the-porch-for-hours morning, but Zoe and I have places to go and people to meet. I take a long last look, and then head out the door.  

Zoe is our three year old black lab mix and one of her favorite things in the whole world is our early morning walks with "the girls".   At 8 a.m. sharp every morning a group of women leave for a four to six mile walk from the old train station in downtown Wolfeboro .  The group quickly morphs into several smaller groups as the speed walkers leave the slower pokes behind, but a little after 9, everyone is back together at a small restaurant on Main Street for breakfast and talk.  These are the "Breakfast Babes".  We hike, bike, snowshoe, eat, drink and laugh together. We celebrate birthdays, weddings and grandchildren.  We share good reads, outgrown clothes and moral support.  When someone is sick, meals appear like magic - for as long as needed.

My women friends amaze me.  Not just these, but the others - of all ages - that have come into my life over the years.  They are strong, smart, honest, compassionate, fair, determined, loving and loyal.

Remind me again, why women aren't ruling the world?

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