Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Late afternoon light
We had an offer on the house last week.  It was a low offer, but we immediately started scanning the online listings for apartments in Brooklyn (Brooklyn??  More about that later) and mentally packing the dishes.  Today they withdrew their offer citing "financial concerns".   Aw C'MON!  What, those "financial concerns" weren't there four days ago?

It's hard not to get discouraged, but at the same time, clearly these weren't the right people for this house.  It's a special house; often filled with friends, family, dueling iPods and wonderful food smells.  There is a view so mesmerizing that one cup of early morning coffee becomes two or three, and one glass of wine becomes...  Well, you get the idea.   So hey, you fickle buyers - it's your loss!!

Frooch is off to the Red Sox game tonight - in the pouring rain, poor baby.  I'm meeting a friend for margarita's at the little Mexican restaurant in town.  Perfect ending to a not quite perfect day.


  1. Margarita's are the cure for what ails 'ya. Your view is spectacular! Will keep fingers crossed that another buyer, without "financial concerns", will show up and love the place. What's not to love?

  2. A fascinating first post for one of the most fascinating people I know. Looking forward to more. Here's to meeting soon in Brooklyn!

  3. Fabulous picture of your magnificent view. What a slice of heaven! It is the perfect home in a glorious spot and hopefully, someone will realize that very soon.