Monday, October 4, 2010

Book update

There's not a whole lot to report yet, but wanted to bring you up to date on my progress towards getting leap published.

I reached out to Reily Foods (the company that bought No Pudge! in 2005) for permission to use the No Pudge! pig as part of the book's cover design.  I didn't hear back, so shot them a second email and received a response telling me they were "discussing" it.  If they are true to their past behavior, I won't hear from them again unless I undertake a campaign of harassment, which is similar to begging and something I do NOT do well.  The possible good news here, is that I may not need their permission at all, since I don't want to use the entire logo and, I'm using it on a book cover - not a baking mix box.  I've tossed the question to the attorney who watched over me like a hawk when I owned NP, and I'm waiting to hear back from her.  It would be wonderful finding out they don't have any control over what I can do!

I've spoken with Lee, the graphic artist who did all the NP artwork - including the design of the original logo, and he's excited to work with me on the book's cover design.  We're just waiting for resolution on the trademark issue to get started.

I've completed my final read-through. I was pleased with the reading and made only minor changes such as adding a word here, deleting a word there.  The manuscript is now ready for a copy-editor (the person who does the final check on grammar, spelling, typos, etc).  My editor, Suzanne Kingsbury, referred me to someone who she says is one of the best in the business.  I emailed him and am hoping he'll agree to do it.

Progress is being made, but of course, it's slower than I would like.  Although I wrote the book and am driving the process of self-publishing, it takes a team of people to pull it all together and the sense of urgency and top-priority is mine alone.  I'm doing my best to be patient (not easy for me!) and not rush any part of this.  My goal is a polished, professional book that I'll be proud to share with you and you'll be proud to share with your friends.  I'm getting there!

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  1. Bright white light showing at the end of the tunnel!