Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This morning's sunrise - plus a book update

This morning's sunrise wasn't spectacular - just simple and beautiful. This may be one of those "had to be there" scenarios - but I'll try to set the stage as best I can. The newly mown field below the house was white with frost, the air was crisp and crystal clear, yet the lake was almost invisible beneath a layer of fog. And then the sun just peeked over the clouds...

Had to stop there as my camera isn't happy when I shoot directly into the sun...

Now that the sun is up and my day is underway, I thought it was time to give you a quick update on where I am with my hopefully soon-to-be-published book.

A few weeks ago, I sent the manuscript to a copy editor - this is the guy who checks it over for grammar and clarity, then hands it back with all his changes. I'm now in the process of doing ONE MORE read-through (hopefully the last one - I'm getting really sick of myself...) and determining whether I'm okay with the changes (all minor as it turns out) he made. I have recently re-written the epilogue to reflect the changes in our lives this past year and that section is now with my original editor for feedback.

So the process is moving forward - except for one MAJOR hiccup. A title... They say that when the title for your book comes to you, you will know instantly that it's right. leap was taken from "leap and the net will appear" - a quote that I thought fit my No Pudge! journey perfectly. It was my working title from Day One. Then I read an article on self-publishing that said it was "key" your title be unique. I went onto Amazon, searched on "leap" in the book section and... Yikes!!! There are about ten books with "leap" for a title. Ugh. I am now struggling to come up with a new title and, until I decide on one, I can't move forward with cover design and the process is going to come to a grinding stall.

This process has taken far longer than I ever imagined it would. I'm learning that, like anything else in life really, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right - and doing it right is rarely the shortest route...


  1. Hey Lindsay -- Sallie shared with me the link to your blog and I am enjoying it. I was sorry to hear about the latest chapter but am so encouraged by your optomistic outlook! I am assuming that you are legally not able to use No Pudge? It would make a great book name too! Just wondering......and a good reason to stop by and say hi. All the best -- Laura Kuykendall

  2. Hey Laura!! Thanks for “stopping by”!

    I can use the NP pig without the name – as they only create the logo when used together. I'm working on the new epilogue as we speak, hoping some inspiration will light up my brain...

    Hope all is well with you!!!

  3. I have always liked "Slave to the Pig".

  4. I like that Candy! Definitely something with Pig in the name would make me look...."The Pig Made Me Do It".

  5. Laura - AJ (my youngest) actually said those words to me one night. "Mom, you're a slave to the pig." And then walked out of my office. My editor thought the connotation was too negative, but I'll toss it out there again. I like your idea too. One friend suggested "Without a Net" which I liked but discovered that other authors did too... Hopefully by the time I get the Epilogue rewritten, I'll have settled on something.......
    Keep those ideas coming!!!! :-)

  6. Catching up on the Blog. Enjoying the beautiful pictures and all the new recipes. Mmmmmmmmmmm good. Also glad to hear the journey of the book publishing is making progress. Waiting anxiously to buy a copy.