Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday was a gorgeous late winter day here in Brooklyn. Blue sky, sunshine and, what seemed like balmy, mid-thirties temperatures. Zoe and I went for a long walk and, along the way, I finally pulled out my camera. I thought it would be fun to share some of the sights of our walk through Brooklyn Heights.

When we walk to BH from our apartment, we cross a plaza and park that run from Borough Hall (which I should have gotten a picture of... Will remedy that soon - it's a wonderful old building) to the Brooklyn Bridge. A small winter Farmer's Market inhabits this plaza three days a week. I'm told that it is significantly bigger in the warm weather. The top of the Manhattan Bridge can be seen in the background.

After crossing the plaza, we walked to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, bordered on the left by the East River and the right by wonderful, old brownstones. Unfortunately, it's probably no more than a quarter mile in length so it's more for strolling than jogging. We discovered it's a great place to spend some time on a beautiful day. Zoe and I planted ourselves on one of the park benches and watched helicopters take off and land at the heliport across the river. 

Brooklyn Bridge is in the background and in the far distance is the Empire State Building. The area you can see to the left, along the river, is the site of the new Brooklyn Bridge Park which is currently under construction. Someone told me that it has been more than a hundred years since the city of New York has made this significant an investment in a park.
The southern tip of Manhattan, which is the Financial District and The Seaport
A small playground tucked in among the trees and grand homes.

It's hard to really see, but the entire first floor of this home is a solarium.
I was absolutely blown away when I discovered these flowers. It had been seventeen degrees the morning before! Yes, they are real! They look a bit like a large primrose. Does anyone know what they are?

On the walk home, we passed several big trucks with huge cables and equipment spilling out, then an open tent with food and several large coffee urns. Sensing a film shoot nearby, Zoe and I wandered in the direction of the activity.

Just seconds after I shot this last picture, Sarah Jessica Parker walked past me and into the blue tent to my left! She's taller than I thought...

Finally, a couple of pictures of some of the wonderful architecture we passed on the way home. I am completely taken with the many spectacular homes - and windows and doors. I fear you'll be seeing many of them in the future. 

Grace Alley is a tiny dead-end street lined with old carriage houses that have become homes.

Another amazing carriage house

And it's grand next door neighbor.
All these streets are tree-lined, so getting pictures without either branches or shadows is nearly impossible.
All in one afternoon's walk.


  1. Thank you for the virtual tour of your neighborhood. truly beautiful And I like the shadows and the branches. Gives depth and perspective. Carriage houses are amazing. Have no idea what the flowers are but let us know when you find out. Stay dry tomorrow.

  2. The flowers are Hellebores! I have them in my garden! So far they've been covered with snow. I have buds, but no flowers.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. Thanks Lucy! Two other readers emailed me directly with the same information and one, a Dutch woman residing in Germany, sent me this link where you'll find wonderful color pictures. If you pass your cursor over the pictures, it will give you specific information about what you're seeing:

    Thanks everyone!

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    I can see why you are feeling so good there. Spring will make it even more beautiful. I think I see you in one those carriage houses one day!