Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So near and yet so very, very far...

We just returned from six days back in our New Hampshire house-for-sale. While hubby spent most of his time dozing on the couch trying to sleep off a mean case of bronchitis, I had coffee with the girls, got my hair cut, attended an all-day writers conference with the women in my writer's group and had dinner with friends. All fun events that made me happy to be in our NH home. 

I also drove through blinding snow squalls and freezing rain, didn't see the sun until the day we left and slid off my icy driveway into a large snowbank - in the pouring rain. Neither the car nor I were injured, but we did have to call the sand guy to come sand and help push me out. So although there were some great moments, I did a lot of whining. Ask my poor, already suffering husband. 

It's hard to grasp that the weather can be so incredibly different when two places are a mere five hour drive apart. Below are pictures I took when Zoe and I went for a walk, the day before we left. The temperature was in the low 50's...

Although things are definitely starting to green-up here, the grass hasn't gotten this lush quite yet.
This field in Cadman Plaza is astro turf.

A mom putting out a picnic for her little ones along-side a high school sports team running drills.
In the background, three groups of teen-aged boys are playing tag football.

This is a shot of our house on the one day the sun shone. Gorgeous, huh? 

It was 3 degrees...

I'm happy to back in Brooklyn. Hubby's just happy I've stopped whining.

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