Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let's hope this works

I wrote a post on Thursday, published it and then waited for it to show up in my email.  It didn't.  So yesterday morning I asked a couple of the Breakfast Babes (who are all subscribers of course), if any of them had received it.  Negative.  I came home, hit the "Publish Post" key again and hoped for the best.  Nothing.  So yesterday, my writing time was taken up trying to find someone (anyone?) on the web who could help me with the blog and talking to two wonderful guys at Microsoft who were working on my formatting/printing problem with the book.  The upshot of my ENTIRE afternoon?  Couldn't find anyone to help with the feedburner link for the blog and the M'soft guys determined that the problem is in MY computer.  As in, the actual one that I am typing on now.  Not the Mac in general, not my operating system, not the Canon printer, but MY computer.  Are you kidding me???  My day ended in supreme frustration - which was eased only when Paul poured me a nice, big glass of red wine and made me dinner.

I have decided to believe that the problem was something with that particular post and that this one will be delivered to you just fine.  If you do receive this, please check out Thursday's post on One Moment Meditation.

I'm heading to New York tomorrow with Paul.  He has to be there for work and I decided to tag along.  I'll get to see all my kids (two sons, nephew and niece-in-law), a couple of good friends, and wander the energy-packed streets of a city I love.  While I'm there I plan to set aside some quiet, late afternoon time to share here, what I've seen and done that day.  I'm excited about the trip and ready for a change of scenery.  But only for a little while as what's right outside my windows is pretty special...

Harvest Moon as seen from the porch.  September 23, 2010
Have a great weekend!

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