Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Moment Mediation

I've been working hard to be mindfully 'in the moment' lately.  I'm determined to try and appreciate every day that I've been given, but unfortunately that's not always an easy task.  In my quest to slow down and de-stress, I've thought about trying to meditate, but the whole "quiet your mind" bit has never really worked for me.  The only time my mind is even sorta quiet is when I'm asleep, and even then I'm a big dreamer.   Besides, who really has a spare 20 minutes a day to sit quietly?  Alone.  Uh, well I do, but then there's that quiet your mind thing...  I know myself well enough to know that a resolve to meditate every day will be about as successful as last winter's resolve to go to the gym every day.  I went every day for the first week.  And that was the extent of my winter gym work-out. 

Then a few days ago, I was searching for a recipe I was sure I'd seen in O Magazine.  While on the website, this tag line caught my eye: Transform Stress in 30 Days with One Moment Meditation.  I clicked on this link: and discovered 30 separate links for a 30-day program to teach you how to meditate in a moment.  The program starts with one minute and reduces the time from there until, so they claim, you can find peace and tranquility anywhere, anytime - in just a moment.  One minute max?  This program's for me!

I started yesterday.  I settled myself comfortably in my favorite chair and set the kitchen timer for one minute as instructed.  I did my best to quiet my mind, but after probably only seconds, my thoughts began to wander. There's a plane going by.  Sky's getting cloudy.  Wonder if it's going to rain.  We really need the rain.  Water the flower pots.  This seems like more than a minute. Did I remember to set the timer?  Timer's probably about to go off.  I kept trying to refocus on my breathing, but it's clear, this is going to be a challenge.  But hey, I'm up for a challenge and wouldn't it be great if this really works?

If you're up to a challenge and want to try this with me, I'd love to hear how it's working for you.  C'mon, it's only a minute!

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  1. You are a woman after my own heart. Meditation? Nope, I keep looking at my watch to see if it's time to quit yet. What's wrong with THAT picture? But, I'll try this minute thingy. A "moment" sounds even better.