Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Book

During the ten years I owned No Pudge!, every time I survived a disaster, or hit a huge homerun, someone would say to me "You have to write a book when this is done."  Three years after I sold the company, my friend Steve started pushing me to do just that and last May, after two years of work and a lot of help and support from people too numerous to name here, I had a polished, edited, completed manuscript that I was incredibly proud of.

Now, after four months of trying to work within the system to find an agent and publisher, I have reached the conclusion that, as a first time, unknown author, I have about as much chance of getting my book picked-up by a top agency and publishing house, as I did getting my new, unknown fat free brownie mix into a major grocery chain.  The last few months have left me feeling much like I did when waiting for the buyer from Publix or Wal-Mart to return my call.  No Pudge! wasn't on their "radar screen", so they had little or no interest in it.  I realized then, the only way to get their attention was to create consumer “buzz” and demand first.  So, I put boxes of the mix into the hands of women that I knew would spread the word.  It worked.  By the time I sold NP, the mixes were on the shelves of almost every major grocery chain in the United States and Canada.

So, I've decided to go the self-publishing route, get the book into the hands of the women that I believe are my audience and let them do the rest.  It worked with the brownies because they were a great product.  If the book is good (and I think it is, but of course I'm incredibly biased!), I believe it’ll work again.  It's going to be a real learning experience and I'm going to document the process, with all the warts and victories, on this blog.  It's bound to be an interesting journey, the first step of which begins right here, right now.  If you would please pass this post on to friends and family and ask them to come along, I would be very grateful.  Subscribing is as easy as entering your email address at the top of the page.  To comment, simply click on the link at the top of the email and it brings you back to the original blog and the comment link.

Thank you so much for your support.  I'll keep you posted!  :-)


  1. Hurry up! I can't wait to get my hands on that book!

  2. After reading your blog, I can't wait for the book, either! You're a natural writer my friend! (And you betcha we'll get the word out!)

  3. I've actually had the opportunity to read Leap and it is inspirational! It is a story of how far perseverance and belief in yourself can take you...along with a ton of hard work!! Lindsay, I KNOW you'll get your book published...I have faith in what you can do!

  4. Hey Lindsay, I'm in. I really want to get my hands on that book. I know it's going to be great. This blog is awesome. You give us food for thought and delicious recipes to feed our bodies!

  5. Lindsay- You talk the talk and walk the walk! How cool that a book about your successful company ends up following the same path as the company!! So cool!

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  7. Lindsay,

    Ray and I really enjoyed reading LEAP. I know that my friends and family would enjoy it too.

    I think that if you wrote another book, I would enjoy it also. But let's not get crazy.

    I know that you will be successful with this new venture.

    You write so well with a need for the reader to keep following the story line.

    I will forward this link request to all I know.


  8. Lindsay, you know I am behind you all the way girlfriend! As one of the lucky ones that got to read the original manuscript - can't wait to read the final version.

  9. Linday, I look forward to reading your book. Love good writing - best wishes for great success in publishing your works.

    Rose Marie